Hotel Sales Mystery Shops

In today’s competitive selling environment, it is imperative that your entire Sales Team is performing effectively in order to optimize multiple sources of revenue.  The best way to encourage top sales performance and ongoing sales growth is to support your team with unbiased feedback and top quality hotel sales training.  Keeping your objectives and goals in mind, we will monitor, evaluate and provide you with valuable feedback to ensure an effective hotel sales effort.


readySHOPS offers two Hotel Sales Mystery Shop options that provide you with valuable monitoring and performance evaluations at affordable prices.

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Sales readySHOP - $119 per Report

  • A full evaluation is completed to cover all phases of the sales process
  • Reachability Factor and Price Objection are included
  • Manager follow-up efforts are scored before shop is closed out
  • Enhanced Training Audio examples are included for each section
  • Shop Call Audio included
  • Complimentary training resources will be provided for those that do not meet benchmark standards. (Available with Annual Agreement)

Express Sales readySHOP - $99 per Report

  • Vital steps in the sales process are evaluated
  • Reachability Factors are included
  • Shop is closed out after pricing is quoted to give you timely feedback
  • Shop Call Audio included

Designed for your convenience, our modern readySHOPS platform includes secure access to your organizations own Personal Portal – Including:

  • Access to Your Personalized Reports and Test Call Audios
  • Convenient Mobile Access to Your Shop Program Data
  • Customizable Summary Reporting Options – Downloadable to Excel or PDF

For more information contact:

Call: 936.236.6227 -Email:  Melissa Mittelhauser at

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