Hotel Competitive Intelligence Shops

Based on your specific market perimeters, our skilled Agents will covertly uncover valuable competitive set pricing intelligence allowing you to climb to success and win more business.

Hotel Group Rate Intelligence Shops - $69 per Competitor Shopped

Our experienced Intel Team will engage your competition, to uncover pricing for group room rates, meeting space rental, food and beverage minimums, catering menu pricing, audio visual and any concessions offered.


The readySHOPS Group Rate Intel Brief provides important information on your current competitors pricing strategies, so that your hotel team can make their own yield management decisions to maximize revenues.  This brief will outline your competition’s pricing, for a specific piece of group business.  Your hotel can be included so that you can see how your hotel is positioned within the market.

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You will determine the dates, type of inquiry, scenario and competitive set.  Our experienced intel team will then shop the properties using the same scenario to uncover pricing for group room rates, meeting space rentals, Food and Beverage minimums, catering pricing and any concessions being offered.


The intel gathered on each competitor is documented in a convenient spreadsheet format.

For a small additional fee, we will collect electronic menus and proposals that will contain additional insightful information.


We realize the importance of our shopping team to be highly covert. 

Hotel LNR Intelligence Shops - $3.25 per Call

The Local Negotiated Rate Intelligence Report is an important budgeting resource to help identify how your hotel is positioned within the competitive set for local negotiated transient rates.  Using a list of competitors, your preferred timeframe, and the specific corporate accounts, our team will covertly confirm the negotiated rates. 


If a company’s negotiated rate is not found in the system, it will be documented in the report so that you can easily label it as a potential new account lead. 


readySHOPS takes great care and planning to obtain the negotiated rate information.  We have a large team of experienced agents that place the calls (multiple voices/styles to avoid being uncovered).  A Call Center approach is not used.  Our Mystery Shoppers will represent themselves as real business travelers.

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