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A New Way to Mystery Shop Your Hotel:

readySHOPS was born from the 27+ year history of Hospitality Softnet and its vision of creating a fresh, smart and affordable, Mystery Shop and Intelligence gathering reporting service. This value added mystery shopping service is based on our modern technology platform that delivers customized secret shopper reporting through your personal, secure portal.


Our experienced team of hotel sales professionals will creatively test your staff’s knowledge of your property in a most covert manner. Using a variety of questions and topics relevant to today sales environment, our Agents will cover the important aspects of Hotel Sales, Hotel Reservations and Front Desk Agents, and Hotel Group Rate and LNR Intelligence.

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readySHOPS – Mystery Shopper test call programs and reporting services are creatively designed to provide fast, accurate and affordable feedback that’s specifically tailored to address today’s complex marketplace and operational budgets.


Flexible and customizable summary reporting to showcase your data, according to your preferences.

readyShops Provides Free Hotel Sales Training

Any of your team members with Mystery Shop scores lower than 65% will receive FREE training resources. (Available with Annual Agreement)

readyShops Lets You Give to Your Favorite Charity

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A cash back contribution made in your organizations name to support the charity of your choice.

For more information contact:

Call: 936.236.6227 -Email:  Melissa Mittelhauser at melissam@hotelreadyshops.com

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